Buy Carpet Tiles From Anglo Social

We are fortunate enough to acquire second hand carpet tiles from prestigious companies such as the Co-op. We then clean them - offering employment opportunities to autistic adults who often cannot find work.

A Bit About Anglo Social

The inspiration for Anglo Social was a wonderful lady called Kate Atkinson. She left Oxford University and instead of going into the city like so many of her contemporaries- she headed for Govan in Glasgow to set up a carpet recycling social enterprise. 6 years later it is still running and following her dream to provide work experience for recovering drug addicts, providing cheap flooring to some of the poorest, as well as reusing a resource that we used to throw away.

Do you have an autistic family member who is stuck at home?

We are a currently a team of 5 volunteer leaders — led by Melanie — and generally between 5 and 10 "trainees". Trainees are generally on the autistic spectrum or have some other learning disability which has impeded them getting a job. We offer work experience and recreational activities.

We are open between 10 and 3 on a Thursday at Tong Lane, Whitworth (opposite the Co-op) OL12 8BG. The work we do is cleaning and reselling carpet tiles and mending palettes for reuse. This work diverts usable materials away from landfill and helps those with not much money to afford to have something comfortable on the floor. Every month we take our goods to a market stall in Shawforth to sell them and raise our profile.

We meet up at Holt Mill for a chill out event every Wednesday. Every month we try and go on a trip and visit a local place of interest — such as the steam train in Bury. We try and keep in touch with the young persons wider family and support each other. We award certificates to our trainees and have an award ceremony at a local college. The local police come in and give training — to help our trainees better understand the wider world. We have links with local colleges and other community projects so we can help each other and share best practice.

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We're looking for volunteers!

Anyone can be a volunteer. Whilst we hope that our trainees benefit from spending time as Anglo Social we as volunteer leaders feel we benefit too! Maybe you have been out of work for a while your self and you want to get back into a work environment — Anglo Social is a great way to start — a number of our leaders have spent time with us and then gone on to do other things. We wish them well — and generally they will stay in touch with us which is lovely!

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